If you’ve never heard of ben wall balls, then you’ve probably just heard of them by a different name.

ben wa tightening balls

These similar names include pleasure balls, love balls, smart balls, kegel balls, and orgasm balls.

No matter what you call them, all these balls typically look the same. Many are silicone coated and come in pairs that are connected by a string. This string can be used to help remove the balls, in addition to being used to stimulate the vagina by tugging on them.

Ben wa balls are usually crafted from metal, some more unique versions, such as duotone balls are actually made of plastic on the outside and contain the metal balls on the inside. These help to create vibrations from the metal balls to the plastic coating.

How To Use Them

Even though ben wa balls seem to be a new topic arising on the feminine side of the internet, they’ve actually be around for hundreds of years. These weights were first crafted to help exercise the kegel muscles of the female body and used for sexual stimulation. Let’s take a look at how to use them…

The Pelvic Muscle Workout

Ben wa balls are used in a series of kegel exercises to specifically target the pelvic floor muscles. These are the muscles that hold the vaginal muscles in place. If you pelvic floor muscles are weak you are most likely experiencing a loose vagina. Simply working out these muscles will increase their firmness and allow the vaginal muscles to go back into place. Meaning back to getting your orgasms and pleasurable sex.

kegel weights shown in variety of sizes for vagina tightening exercises

These work by inserting them into the vagina and working out your pelvic floor muscles by holding them in. If you are having trouble keeping these balls inside of you try a different position.Many women report they have better results when first trying ben wa when they are laying flat on their back. As you develop more of a feel for these strengtheners you will be able to keep them in when walking or other activities where you are moving around while standing on your feet.

Using these balls in accordance with kegel exercises will allow you to spice up boring contractions and relaxation, and keep you focused on your goal of a tighter vagina. Once you start practicing with them you won’t want to stop. And with the variety of weights these balls come in there is a good chance you will find one that fits your strength level.

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