This is for sure the million dollar question!

A loose vagina is something that many women face and are actively looking for a solution. Whether your reasoning is just to regain your self confidence, increase your sex drive, or a way to make sex more pleasurable for you and your partner finding the right solution means everything.

We’ve compiled a short list of natural solutions that can help tighten up your pelvic floor muscles that hold your vagina in place. Each remedy comes with it’s own list of pros and cons, which can be expected of any method when used by many different people. So let’s jump straight in…

Tightening A Stretched Vagina With Herbal Treatments

As with most ailments, there are always ancient herbal treatments that can be used to naturally remedy them. A popular one is Pueraria Mirifica which works to promote tissue regrow in the genital region. In addition it’s acclaimed to counteract hormonal imbalances and help steady your estrogen production.

tightening my vagina naturally with the help of v-tight gel enhancement tightening programAnother herbal cure is Curcuma Comosa which works very well to help lubricate the vagina and protect it from vaginal wall prolapse. A noted benefit of this herbal treatment is it’s ability to decrease hot flashes as well as relieve menstrual cramps.

These herbal treatments are great for getting a cleaner down-there region for sure and help soften the skin. However, they take a while to start combating against vaginal sagging, usually a couple months before you can feel the results.

The Oh-So-Popular Kegel Exercises

If you have spent anytime on the web looking for a cure to your loose feeling vagina I can guarantee that you’ve come across these bad boys. For the most part they do make logical sense. As with any loose area of your body, say ‘arm fat’. If you want to get rid of the excess fat you workout your arms.

In the same sense you are doing the same thing, working to tighten an area of the body with exercise. It just so happens the area you want to target is more interior, the vagina. The best guides showing how to do these kegel exercises to strength the vagina instruct you to squeeze your inner pelvic muscles while you are urination. This way you can feel what they are like when in their contracted state.

Once you understand that feeling you want to repeat that stopping motion multiple times per day. Note though this is without being in the bathroom. You only did that part once to discover the feeling, if you continue to hold it in while urinating it could lead to serious health issues, like urinary tract infection.

So to recap, repeat that contracted motion over and over in a specified number of sets throughout the entire day. You will notice a tighter feeling in about a month’s time if you keep at it each day. It’s like working out your body in the gym, expect without the treadmill or weights.

The V-Tight Gel Tightening Program

V-tight gel is simply a formulated for women vaginal tightening cream. It can be used to tighten the vaginal walls with it’s natural formula. Once applied to the vagina (if you don’t know how checkout our instructional v-tight applying guide here) this gel works in under five minutes to contract the walls of the vagina and make you tighter. This is great for women to use just prior to engaging in sexual activities.

When you combine the use of this gel with the v-tight tightening program, which is similar to the kegel exercises mentioned above, you get a dual action firming effect. The v-tight cream is just the enhancer supplement to performing the permanent kegel exercise program. Think of this gel as the answer sheet to the exam your taking, if you have it in hand you’re going to get better results quicker.

If you want to learn about the pros and cons of this vaginal tightening cream be sure to take a look at my entire v-tight gel review here.

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